Jana and Meir Wedding in Bellport Country Club


Even before I met Jana and Meir for the first time on their wedding day I felt the connection and knew the wedding was going to be a truly unique experience full of emotions, celebrations, and joy. Boy, was I right!

Beautiful small town of Bellport on Long Island where Jana grew up has a very special place in her heart. Most people, including Jana and Meir, traveled a long distance to Bellport Country Club to be part of this colorful celebration. Naturally, we visited all locations in Bellport that are so dear to Jana – Mother’s Beach, Livingston Street with its magical canopy trees and the docks. Exciting and emotion ceremony full of witty jokes and laughter left many in tears as Jana and Meir exchanged their vows. One had to be there to witness and feel the unadulterated love and affection radiating from the couple.

Congratulation Jana and Meir!

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