Yep, that’s me, 12 years old, holding my first beat up camera of about the same age, back in the day when I didn’t have to worry about a thing and just did what came to me naturally. Little did I know about the pragmatic world around me and the path it was about to send me on.

I came to United States when I was 18. Energetic and determined to succeed I started working in IT and 4 years later had everything I could possibly want out of that profession. Well fed and secure I went on and on until the day when I quit the corporate world altogether to go back to school to study the things I was really passionate about. It took some years and a degree in philosophy to come to the simple realization that what I enjoy the most is exactly what I liked when I was a little boy.

So, here I am, back where I started, and totally loving it!

Denis Gostev is New York City based documentary wedding photographer best known for his wedding photojournalistic work and creative portraiture.  After spending years photographing sports, Denis has developed a keen eye for capturing natural moments and non-intrusive approach to photography. Denis encourages couples to maintain the natural flow of the wedding day which creates opportunities to capture some of the most stunning, emotional, and long lasting images that will make you remember not only how amazingly you looked but also how you felt on one of the most important days that changed the course of your lives.

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